Walk the Path: The Yes of New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolution

The turning of the calendar year closely follows the beginning of a new solar cycle at the Winter Solstice. Traditionally this is a time to make New Year’s resolutions.

On the Path of She, we work with yes magic. Yes is the most powerful magical word in our vocabulary.  It is the word that the Universe pays closest attention to. Say ‘yes’ and doors of possibilities open. Say ‘yes’ from the depth of soul, and we can transform our life.


Yes magic aligns the dynamo powers of desire (what we want) and will (our ability to make things happen) through a specific, consciously chosen intention. When we make a New Year’s resolution, we’re focusing our will by setting our intention for the coming calendar year. This is a perfect opportunity to use yes magic in service of our journey of soul.

In setting your New Year’s resolution, spend some time turning inward to your own sacred darkness. Tap into your desire for deep, spiritual healing and transformation and see what is stirring within you at this time. What healing and personal changes are up for you right now? What are your fears and hopes for the coming year? What seeds of change emerge from the darkness to the light of your conscious awareness and engagement? What new direction do these things suggest for your spiritual pathwork?

[p-quote2] An ideal New Year’s resolution would support and nurture the new direction of your spiritual journey, without being overly directive or goal-oriented. For example, you could set a resolution to develop a new skill, knowledge area or lifestyle choice that would support and enhance your emerging pathwork. [/p-quote2]

In the coming weeks, follow through on your resolutions, backing your yes words with yes actions. In addition, continue to explore the seeds of change emerging for you. Pay attention to how they reveal themselves in the insights, dreams, issues, challenges and opportunities that come your way. Expect to be surprised, to dig into places that you would rather avoid, and to be led by mysteries that you don’t fully understand.

Even though the new solar year has begun, darkness still holds sway in the natural realm. You too are still travelling the dark ways of the sacred feminine, beyond the edge of your known world into the wondrous new beginnings that await you.

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Artist: Catherine Hyde