The Path of She Book of Sabbats

The Path of She Book of Sabbats takes you on a spiritual journey through the seasons, with Nature and the Gods and Goddesses as your guides.

Connect your spiritual path with the energy of the Earth through teachings, guided meditations and pathwork exercises, and explore your soul’s journey through its seasons of light, dark, life, death, joy and sorrow. Embrace the powerful, essential work of transforming your life.

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eBook $9.99
Winter Journey- Your Rebirth Magic
Guided Journey

In the dark, cold days of Winter, with the mysteries of death and rebirth all around us, Nature and the Dark Goddess are calling you to brave your inner darkness where the lost parts of your life story await you, with the power to mend your soul and transform your life.

Includes seven lessons with integrated teachings, exercises and journaling tasks in two pdf ebooks: the Winter Journey Guidebook and Winter Journey Journal, and the Winter Journey Guided Meditation (mp3 audio)....Learn more...

Tale of the Lost Daughter

Journey with Sarah to a remote, rugged island on the Canadian West Coast. Experience the transformative powers of pagan ritual, magic and Hecate, an ancient Goddess whose lost tales of She can return the life-giving ways of the sacred feminine to the waking world.

The Lost Daughter — who is she? She is you, me, and the countless women who sense that something essential, precious, is missing from our lives.

Paperback $12.99
eBook $9.99