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Imagine a world centered in Nature’s life-giving ways: where scarcity is met with abundance, fear with love, and there’s enough for everyone and everything.
Summer powers

Three Lessons from the Summer Season: Visioning a New World

Two realities, two ways of living: our known world with its ethos of fear and scarcity versus the life-centered powers of Nature in Summer with its gifts of beauty and abundance. It’s time to consciously choose which reality will guide your life. …Read More

When the death of my beloved father arrives on my doorstep, there’s relief, gratitude, grief, disorientation, love, transformation, remembering and saying goodbye.
pagan, father, death

A Father and Daughter Story: Greeting Death When It Arrives On My Doorstep

As a pagan traveling the path of the Goddess, death is something that I embrace as a natural, essential part of the cycle of life, and the catalyst for profound transformation. The death of my beloved father makes these things raw and real for me. …Read More

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