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At Lammas, your journey of soul is like breath. The outer arises from the inner, and then returns to your fertile center to give rise to your next cycle of life.

A Lammas Teaching: The Seasons and Cycles of Breath

It’s time to turn our focus to the return in-breath of harvesting and ingesting what we’ve learned from the fruits of our efforts, and winnowing out and sacrificing what needs to die in service of our journey of soul. This is the work of Lammas. …Read More

Sometimes things have to get messy. Sometimes you have to get a little wild, a little crazy, to really be alive.
lost daughter, magic

Magic Your Summer Reading: Tale of the Lost Daughter

Invite a little magic into your summer reading. Let Tale of the Lost Daughter take you on an adventure into the realm of the Goddess, magic and ritual that can change your life forever. …Read More

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