When Death Arrives On Our Doorstep: A Primer for These Times

Two visions brew, colliding with the intense drama and building momentum of political, social, economic and environmental crises and unrest, and the mythic forces moving through our world calling us to an evolutionary, change-or-die revelation.

A Winter Solstice Mystery: Beauty In the Belly of the Dark

winter solstice

Open to the ways of Nature at the Winter Solstice. Heed the call arising from the belly of the dark that invites you to stillness and silence; turn inward and return to your center in search of the parts of your true Self ready to return to the light.

A Modern Goddess Tale: From Lost Daughter to Goddess Queen

modern Goddess

The Path of She, in its deepest roots, is a journey from lost daughter to Goddess Queen — a modern Goddess tale that invites you to embrace your own life story, with its beauty and wounding, as the content and catalyst of your healing and transformation.