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My Lost Daughter: From Tale of the Lost Daughter

Posted on:  Nov 9, 2016 @ 10:00 Posted in:  From the Tale

Excerpt from: Tale of the Lost Daughter

“I am waiting for you sweet one,” Hecate calls out softly, “Come, it is time, you are ready, you are ripe.”

At her feet a path materializes, hewn of red, granite, paving stones, flecked with tiny glimmers of silver light. In the far distance, the scarlet and amber flames of a hearth fire dance in a freshening wind that carries the smoky scent of burning, wood resin.

And then the dream vision fades, and I am staring into a flat, black plane that mirrors back Kayla and my merged reflections. Past and present fuse together.

“This is not just Kayla’s story,” I say, turning to Hecate, “It’s mine as well.”

“You see clearly Sarah,” Hecate says, “The surface details differ, but you and Kayla share the same underlying story: the tale of my lost daughter, who heeds the call of her aching soul and finds her way back to my living realm and ways. Nothing is lost that cannot be refound. New beginnings emerge from the darkest night of the soul.”

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A Modern Goddess Tale: From Lost Daughter to Goddess Queen

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A Modern Goddess Tale: From Lost Daughter to Goddess Queen

Posted on:  Nov 7, 2016 @ 10:00 Posted in:  Goddess

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Two dreams, thirty years apart — a modern Goddess tale for these times.

The Dream of the Lost Daughter

I’m in my mid-twenties, with a business degree and a promising career in a blue chip company.  My desires are purely materialistic — I want power and success in a man’s world.  I don’t know any better, and I’ve no idea how immensely unhappy I am.

I have a dream that I don’t remember until many years later, yet my life is changed forever.

It’s a Winter Solstice eve, in the darkest hours of the night. Outside my apartment window, the world nestles down under a crystalline blanket of fresh-fallen snow. I dream of a silver shining path, as if hewn of moonlight, that leads me down, down, down to Hecate’s realm — the Goddess who is the Mistress of the crossroads, and guardian of our human destiny.

I’m a lost daughter, profoundly wounded, cut-off from the true power and presence of the Goddess, my womanhood, and the sacred feminine of human nature. But something is stirring within me, and within the Mysteries. I dream of the Goddess, and the Goddess dreams me.

Deep in the belly of the Earth, Hecate directs me to Her magic cauldron and shows me the raw, naked truth of my life story — the beauty and the wounding — all that I’ve forgotten and denied, the very things I’ve been running hard from, and undreamed of possibilities sleeping just below the veneer of my waking reality.

Hecate gifts me with this crossroads moment, with my life laid bare before me, and asks me to choose how I will live for the rest of my days. I make a vow: to wake up, to remember, and to find my way home to my Self, my womanhood, and Her sacred ways.

By my choice, my destiny is woven.

The Dream of the Goddess Queen

Now, thirty years later, I’m lost no more. I’ve found my way home to my Self and the Goddess. I live nestled in the forest on a magical island with my beloved family and community, writing and teaching the life-changing ways of the Goddess that are now as natural to me as breathing.

I have another dream, within days of co-priestessing a community Samhain ritual to honor the beloved dead and the blessed newborn.

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The Crucible of Your Life: From Tale of the Lost Daughter

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Tale of the Lost Daughter is available at the Path Store and Amazon.



From Tale of the Lost Daughter: The Seeds of New Beginnings

Posted on:  Jan 29, 2016 @ 10:00 Posted in:  From the Tale

Four seeds, pulsing and warm, like living flesh pressed up against my living skin — if I say yes, where will they lead me? To the star-bright fragment of the Cosmos shimmering in my own core? To the ancient, wild part of me that is so intensely, sensually alive? To her wounded twin cowering in the shadowy recesses of my psyche? To the transformative powers of my own life story?

I search Kayla’s face, looking for direction. I know now the hard path she has travelled to become such a powerful woman, and the horror she endured as a child that was the price of the immensity of her spirit. What am I willing to endure to travel Hecate’s Path of She?

Within my cupped palms and trembling heart, I hold my destiny. I can risk what I’ve got, and move past my fears into the raw potential of my true, deep self. I can choose to follow Hecate’s ancient path, and let its mysteries heal my life and my world. I can become Hecate’s daughter, no longer lost, but returned to Her powers and ways.

I exhale a breath that I didn’t know I was holding. A grin begins in the bottom of my belly and travels upward to my mouth.

And then I ask Kayla the life-changing question she has put to me twice before, “Are you in?”

“Yes,” she says, returning my smile, “Absolutely, yes!”

As the first shining tendrils of the dawn brush away the ebony tarp of night, the four seeds pass by our parted lips. I run my damp tongue over their smooth surfaces, and then track their tingling passage into my gestating interior. A heat rises in my core as my juices break down the barriers between the seeds’ essences and my own.

“So it is chosen, so it will be!” Hecate says.

Tale of the Lost Daughter is available at the Path Store and Amazon.

Watch the book video trailer or read Chapter 1.