An Imbolc Meditation: Light and Shadow of Soul Work


As Nature shifts from the dark sleep of Winter to the life-giving powers of the sun that herald the return of Spring, our desire for the spring of new possibilities and the end of the long winter of our soul drives us to Brigid’s doorstep.

Your Life is Your Art


This is your life. Grab hold of it. Change what weighs you down. Embrace what makes you shine. Gather close those things that make your soul sing. Make glorious, unforgettable art with your life, painted in the broad, brilliant strokes of your courage, goodness, wisdom and love.

Imbolc: A Dance of Light and Shadow


At Imbolc, with Brigid as your ally, turn your mind to the seeds that hold the next pieces of your pathwork, sourced from the beauty and wounding of your life story. When you draw these seeds to the light, you will also encounter their shadow-side.

An Imbolc Mystery: Brigid and the Making of Vows

Imbolc, Brigid

Brigid’s Imbolc mystery teaching: everything in your life has a purpose. Great beauty and power are forged from great wounding and suffering, tempered by a wisdom, love and compassion that a life fully embraced, in its light and shadow, can grant you.