Your Life is Your Art


Perhaps John Lennon was channeling Brigid, in Her guise as the patroness of poets, when he said, “Our life is our art.”

We were put on this good green Earth to make beauty, make joy and make love, no matter what life brings our way. Art is not something that belongs only to the creatives in our midst, but to every single one of us. We can be artists in our words, choices, deeds and creations. There are countless ways to bring goodness, joy, beauty, laughter and wisdom to our lives and the lives of others.  And in doing so, we are making the art of life.


No matter the conditions, our world and your life are drenched in beauty. Art in the making is everywhere and in everything. This beauty is an alternative, balancing perspective that can shine light into your shadowy places, and offer a healing balm to your suffering and wounding. Great beauty is forged out of great wounding; the best of our human nature is often most apparent in the worst of situations — these powerful truths apply to your journey of soul.

[p-quote2] This is your life. Grab hold of it. Change what weighs you down. Embrace what makes you shine. Gather close those things that make your soul sing. Look for the silver linings of personal growth in life’s bumpy bits. Cultivate the resources and support you need to do your work deeply, wisely, safely. Do your very best and give your very best, especially when challenges come your way. Celebrate your successes and honor your failures. Love yourself and remember to laugh in the messiness of it all. [/p-quote2]

Light, shadow, beauty, wounding, joy, pain  — these are parts of your human experience, not to be escaped but to be embraced as the raw materials of your greater becoming. When you use these raw materials to heal and grow, from a place of self-awareness, self-acceptance and compassion, and from your profound longings to live a soul-based life, the new and beautiful will naturally arise from your pathwork.  And from these depths, you will make glorious, unforgettable art with your life, painted in the broad, brilliant strokes of your courage, goodness, wisdom and love.

Every journey unfolds from exactly where you are, and this place is always exactly where you need to be. There is no right or wrong, or predestined place or state you are trying to achieve. There is only the journey of becoming bigger in heart and spirit, and ever more beautifully yourself. And there is only the task and sacred responsibility of making the most stunning art you can with your one, wondrous life.

Excerpt from the Path of She Books of Sabbats. Available in paperback and e-book at the Path Store.

Artwork by KanchanMahon