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Your Sovereign Leadership: Discovering Your Inner Beauty and Power

Posted on:  Aug 26, 2016 @ 10:00 Posted in:  Power/Leadership

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Don’t look outside of yourself to understand and source leadership and power, look within. Every one of us is a leader when we tap into the inner sovereignty of our unique configuration of beauty and power.  To be a leader is to take full ownership for your best qualities and abilities, and gift them to the greater world through your presence and actions.

As a young woman, I was hungry for power and influence. From my middle school years onward, I was a consummate leader. My siblings, school mates and later my co-workers would most likely have told you I was bossy, competitive and a compulsive overachiever, but my mother knew different.

She sensed I was a gifted, high energy person adapting to the cultural options available to me for power and leadership.  She steered me into a business education and corporate career, and couldn’t have been prouder when I graduated top of my MBA class and lined myself up for a prestigious consulting career.

Pivotal events conspired to rewire my understanding of power and leadership: the lightning flash of insight that my material, achievement-driven life was bereft of soul; my refusal to follow a career that required me to operate as a man in my woman’s body; and waking up to the mean-spirited, abusive underbelly of my culturally inherited, hierarchical model of leadership.

In this leadership model, leaders stand out from the crowd by being better or more than their competition: more brainy, more skilled, more charismatic, more influential, more connected, more aggressive, more of whatever attributes are lauded in a particular environment. Power is to be hoarded and shared among the limited, most worthy few.

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Your Sovereign Leadership: Discovering Your Inner Beauty and Power

Posted on:  Apr 15, 2016 @ 12:18 Posted in:  Podcasts

Claiming Your Personal Leadership: A Grassroots Vision of Change

Posted on:  Apr 10, 2016 @ 22:12 Posted in:  Podcasts

Claiming Your Personal Leadership: A Grassroots Vision of Change

Posted on:  Apr 9, 2016 @ 9:00 Posted in:  Power/Leadership

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Our culture trains us to believe that only special people — the superstars of politics, business, sports, the arts — can have real influence and power in society. We give them the center stage, the microphone, our adulation and make them our leaders, while our own light is dimmed by their giant shadows.

While it is true that people with money, charisma and acclaimed talents do wield a disproportional share of societal influence and power, it doesn’t follow that they are the primary change agents in our world.

Over and over again, my dreams have been telling me one clear message: humanity is riding an evolutionary edge, and that transformative, life-affirming change will happen at the individual level, and then be passed on, person to person, in a great, long chain of touching and being touched by others.

Our human society cannot be remade by a select few superstars, but by each of us claiming our personal leadership and choosing to lead an authentic life based on our unique configuration of gifts and best qualities. Profound, lasting transformation arises from the grassroots of individuals who are remaking their lives for the better.

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Leaving Your Parents’ House

Posted on:  Oct 14, 2013 @ 7:00 Posted in:  Power/Leadership

A simple dream packed with big truths: I am escaping my parent’s house with my brothers and sisters. We all load into the car, not knowing where we are going or what to bring. There is no fear or desperation in this dream, only the surety that we have to leave.

To come into a full expression of our true power and personal leadership, we must leave our parent’s house.  Not necessarily our flesh and blood parents, though this is often the case, but all those external voices of authority that tells us who we are, and how to live our lives.  The loudest and most delimiting voice is the culture itself, the water in which we collectively swim, with its ever repeating, self reinforcing messages of what constitutes power, beauty, happiness, success and worthiness.

If we want something different than the ill fitting cloth of the life we were conditioned to lead, then we have to get behind the steering wheel of the car and head in a new direction. The car is our life and the road is our journey toward inner sovereignty. We have to leave behind the world of what we know, and enter into the open ended landscape of what can be, with no map and no set destination. The directional compass of soul and our surety of purpose can lead us past our fears into a life of our own making; one that shines with the true leadership of our unique configuration of power and beauty.