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What You Seek Waits For You There From Tale of the Lost Daughter

“And then some floodgate opened within me, pouring out of my constricted throat and pounding through my flesh in a torrent of noisy, heaving anguish.  Waves of sobs rose and fell in sharp jags of keening, sounds my body couldn’t possibly make, had never made before.  I held back nothing, howling myself empty and limp, like someone had pulled out all my bones and left a jellied puddle on my desk. Absolute, impenetrable silence followed, as if the whole world waited with bated breath for what would come next.

From a still, calm place, somewhere within the secret folds of my heart, a gentle voice arose saying, ‘Sarah, slow down, open to the in and out movement of your body with breath. Look inside, below the below of what you know, into the depth of who you are. What you seek waits for you there.’”

Tale of the Lost Daughter is available at the Path Store and Amazon.