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The Promise & Peril of the Dark Goddess

There is a saying in my Reclaiming Wiccan community, “Once you dream of the Goddess, you are beholden to Her for the rest of your life.”  On the Path of She, once you say yes to follow the ways and mysteries of the Dark Goddess, She will hold you to that commitment. When you wake up to Her powers and presence, She won’t let you go back to sleep.

The Dark Goddess’s promise is that She loves us, and will guide and support our transformative journey work.  While we have forgotten our Deep Self, She remembers our essence, unique in all the Universe. She calls us home to the beauty that we are, and the beauty of our Earth home.  If we step onto Her path, we will not journey alone. She will be by our side, conspiring to aid us in our return to the fullness of our beauty and powers.

The Dark Goddess’s peril is that She is a tough, unrelenting task master. She is ruthless, and will hold us to the work of healing and reclaiming our Deep Self.  She recognizes that all facets of life are holy and have purpose; our joy teaches us, and our pain.  We cannot reclaim our beauty, without embracing and healing our wounding.  Our work, is our work, no matter what it looks like, and what change it demands of us.

The choice is ours whether to embrace or to run from the gifts and challenges of our life story. The choice is ours whether to rub the sleep from our eyes, and roll up our sleeves to do the hard, hard work of healing our Soul.  The choice is ours whether to say yes, and step onto the path of the Dark Goddess.

Yet there is no freedom in not following Her path, for our pain and our wounding are like tin cans tied to our tail.  No matter how fast or far we run, we can never escape their peace rattling disturbance. Not even death can free us from their entanglement. Unhealed soul wounds repeat themselves, not just in this lifetime but in the next, and in the life stories of our children, and our children’s children.

Be brave, and dare a taste of the Dark Goddess’s transformative magic.  Because in the end, Her promise and Her peril lead us to same destination – stepping free of the entrapment of our pain and wounding, and into the fully unfurled beauty of our true, profound, authentic Self.