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The Politics of Soul

To live an authentic, soul-based life is a revolutionary act. We step away from a culture determined to control us from the outside-in, and entrain us to a homogenized ethos and lifestyle that serves the unknown and unnamed needs of others. And we step into the power and inside-out imperatives of our inner sovereignty.

We are born into the world for one essential purpose: to be our beautiful, powerful shining selves. When we choose to do this — to save our own soul, and to turn our hearts and wills back to our own life light and sacred gifts — we change the very fabric of our human dreaming; we carve a template in the energetic realm that others can follow, and the Gods and Goddesses beam their otherworldly approval, because this is what they made us to be.

Perhaps best of all, we become happier, more joyful and gracious people. When we live from our best qualities, we naturally become better partners, better parents, better members of our communities, and better stewards of the Earth. When we stop scrabbling after the limited social markers of worthiness, our fellow human beings are no longer the competition, but beautiful beings, with their own unique, intrinsic value.  When our true needs are met, our false, addictive hungers fall away, and we naturally walk the Earth more lightly.

To save our own soul is to join a revolution that can return us to the good dream and best instincts of our humanity. This starts the moment we choose to fully claim the miracle of the individual life we were granted, and to live the beauty and joy that is our special gift to the world.