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The Tale of the Garden: From Tale of the Lost Daughter

“This is the story seed of the master Tale of the Garden,” She says, “It shares with us the first turning of humanity when the world was young and fresh. Your primeval ancestors walked the earth at one with the Divine spark shining in their core and the sensuous powers of their living bodies. Goddess, Mother, Holy One — it was I who watched over and guided my human children, teaching them to honor the ways and mysteries of the wild earth. And it was they who delighted me, and their Godly Father, by giving voice and new forms to the earth’s wonders.”

I lock onto the lily white seed in Hecate’s cupped palm. I want this Garden seed world that Hecate has shown Kayla and me. I want to be whole, at one with the powers of my starlit core and earth-made body, like the raven-haired, green-eyed maiden. I want every kiss to taste like tart currants and the salt on my lover’s skin. I want to fly with ravens and gather nectar with bees. I want these things that I never knew were possible before I came to Salt Spring. I want them, even though they scare the hell out of me.

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