Spring Journey: Living Your Spiritual Evolution

Spring Journey

Nature and the Goddess reveal the spiritual, evolutionary mysteries of Spring where rebirth and new beginnings emerge from the complex, potent convergence of opposing energies, held in a state of balance, harmony and wholeness.

Spring Journey: Your Spiritual Evolution

With Nature and the Goddess as your guides, the Spring Journey: Your Spiritual Evolution takes you into the depths of the season’s mysteries of new beginnings to discover the transformative growth that’s emerging for you at this time.

A Beltane Mystery: The Green Man and the Dance of Life

At the edge of the forest, the Green Man beckons you to his wild-world dance of light, life and creation where one ecstatic force unites you, the Green Man, the forest plants and creatures in the irrepressible drive of life to create new life.

Demeter and Persephone:

Here is my latest SageWoman blog post. The “read more” link below will take you to the SageWoman Blogs page. Spring is the time of the Goddesses Demeter and Persephone, and their myth of rebirth and return to the Mother-Goddess ways of love and life. Though this ancient Greek tale is typically interpreted as a […]