The Hera Journey: The Mythic Tale of the Sacred Feminine

Hera Journey

There is another mythic storyline — the hera’s journey of descent and return from the realm of the Dark Goddess — that directs our spiritual journey inward, to the sacred dark of our inner psyche and the mysteries that underlie waking reality.

Your Next Cycle on the Path of She

Path of She

Take a deep breath and look ahead to the new cycle and journey across the seasons opening before you. Once more Nature and the Goddesses and the Gods will offer up their seasonal wisdom and gifts that are both eternal and fresh to the moment.

Deepen Your Spiritual Journey:

In the fall season, Nature leaves behind the powers of light, drawing inward to stillness and the sacred dark of Mother Earth, where the sleeping potential of new life resides. So too your spiritual journey calls you inward to quiet and reflection, compelling you to seek within the secret desires, dormant gifts and lost stories […]