Making Magic: A Tender’s View of a Samhain Ritual


A Tender’s observations from a Samhain ritual: magic makes us whole; honoring death, loss and grief with our community makes us whole; deep communion with the Beloved Dead, the Ancestors and Descendants makes us whole; love makes us whole.

Our Undimmed Lightness of Being

lightness of being

Nothing or no one can ever dim your lightness of being. You’re meant to shine bright, gifting the world with the brilliance of your unbounded beauty and untainted love. But you must choose to stop dimming yourself, and let your life light shine through.

Honoring the Mysteries of Samhain


At Samhain, Nature makes its final transitions into its winter dormancy. Between the worlds, the Goddess Hecate stands at Her crossroads, offering Her Crone wisdom and the beacon of Her love-light to guide you in this season of life-changing endings.

A Samhain Teaching: Born Into Life, Born Into Death


At Samhain, we contemplate the mysteries of death, not with fear, but from acceptance of death as a teacher for the living. We’re born into life and born into death, and it’s this very fact that makes every moment so precious, fragile and beautiful.

When Death Arrives On Our Doorstep: A Primer for These Times

Two visions brew, colliding with the intense drama and building momentum of political, social, economic and environmental crises and unrest, and the mythic forces moving through our world calling us to an evolutionary, change-or-die revelation.

A Samhain Tale: Hecate & the Crossroads of Choice

samhain, hecate

Heed Hecate’s wisdom in these Great Turning times: Love is the way forward — love that chooses generosity over greed, and communion over dominion — love that can turn the destructive momentum that threatens this world into a positive new beginning.