An Imbolc Meditation: Light and Shadow of Soul Work


As Nature shifts from the dark sleep of Winter to the life-giving powers of the sun that herald the return of Spring, our desire for the spring of new possibilities and the end of the long winter of our soul drives us to Brigid’s doorstep.

Making Magic: A Tender’s View of a Samhain Ritual


A Tender’s observations from a Samhain ritual: magic makes us whole; honoring death, loss and grief with our community makes us whole; deep communion with the Beloved Dead, the Ancestors and Descendants makes us whole; love makes us whole.

Three Lessons from the Summer Season: Visioning a New World

Summer powers

Two realities, two ways of living: our known world with its ethos of fear and scarcity versus the life-centered powers of Nature in Summer with its gifts of beauty and abundance. It’s time to consciously choose which reality will guide your life.

Honoring the Mysteries of Samhain


At Samhain, Nature makes its final transitions into its winter dormancy. Between the worlds, the Goddess Hecate stands at Her crossroads, offering Her Crone wisdom and the beacon of Her love-light to guide you in this season of life-changing endings.

Lammas: Harvesting Your Soul Lessons


At Lammas, your journey of soul calls you to self-chosen sacrifice. Harvest your soul lessons and cut away anything that’s complete or blocks your future growth. Some things must die for something new to be born in their place.

Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

At the Summer Solstice, your journey of soul invites you to blossom, shining forth your true essence and beauty. Emulate Nature in this summer season of generosity and abundance by cultivating and sharing your best gifts and qualities with others.

A Beltane Meditation: Making Life with the Green Man


In your Beltane meditation, open to your primal desire to be part of Nature’s life-creating-life dance, surrender to your hunger for soulful new beginnings, let your wild instincts take over and the Green Man will come to you.

A Spring Equinox Meditation With Demeter

Spring Equinox Meditation

The Spring Equinox has arrived and Demeter awaits you, just as She has waited for Her daughter Persephone since times immemorial. Let Her guide you in this season of equal light and dark, life and death, and joy and sorrow.