A Winter Solstice Tale: Ereshkigal & Our Beauty and Wounding

Winter Solstice

At the Winter Solstice, follow in Inanna’s footsteps. Descend into the Underworld realm of the Dark Goddess Ereshkigal, and Her mysteries of death and rebirth. Here you can discover the seeds of the new beginning awaiting you at this time.

Winter Journey: Your Rebirth Magic

Winter Journey

In the winter season, remember Nature and the Dark Goddess’s mysteries of rebirth: new life emerges from the dark, death-like belly of the Earth; from the depths of your inner darkness you can find the seeds of new beginnings to make your life anew.

A Winter Solstice Meditation: Ereshkigal and the Great Below

Winter Solstice

On Winter Solstice’s eve, open yourself to the natural world energies of this longest night of the year and the awakening tendrils of new light and new beginnings that will soon be birthed from this deep darkness. Imagine taking these energies into your body and sense them calling forth your inner darkness and emerging light.