Fall Journey: The Sacred Dark, Persephone and Your Hera Path

hera journey

Open to Nature’s invitation to heed the waxing powers of darkness. Embrace the sacred dark in your spiritual pathwork of transformative change. Follow Persephone’s lead, and begin your hera journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth and wholeness.

The Hera Journey: The Mythic Tale of the Sacred Feminine

Hera Journey

There is another mythic storyline — the hera’s journey of descent and return from the realm of the Dark Goddess — that directs our spiritual journey inward, to the sacred dark of our inner psyche and the mysteries that underlie waking reality.

A Spring Equinox Meditation With Demeter

Spring Equinox Meditation

The Spring Equinox has arrived and Demeter awaits you, just as She has waited for Her daughter Persephone since times immemorial. Let Her guide you in this season of equal light and dark, life and death, and joy and sorrow.

A Fall Equinox Meditation: Descent into the Sacred Dark

Fall Equinox Meditation

On the Fall Equinox, settle into a meditative state and focus your awareness inward. Call to the part of you that knows the ways of Persephone and the sacred dark. Descend into the Underworld in search of the new beginning awaiting you at this time.

A Free Ebook: Four Seasons of the Hera Path

hera path

In this free ebook, I’ll share the Goddess’s hera path teachings with you, both on a conceptual, inspirational level, and as a Guided Journey Series that can direct your transformational travels on the hera path in service of your journey of soul.