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Five Things You Can Learn From a Pagan

Posted on:  May 10, 2017 @ 20:17 Posted in:  Goddess, Podcasts

Paganism invites you to the realm of what else is true and possible. Take a little journey beyond the everyday and bring back whatever sings to your soul.

Five Things You Can Learn From a Pagan

Posted on:  May 23, 2015 @ 9:27 Posted in:  Goddess

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In my mid-twenties, I was living a corporate, achievement-driven existence that neither fed my soul nor gave me joy. A series of synchronistic events conspired to wake me up and set me on a spiritual journey in search of the missing half of my womanhood and humanity.

My journey led me to Vipassana meditation, feminist graduate studies and new age spirituality. These were all powerful and transformative, and yet something was still missing for me: the feral, sensual, dreaming, witching, life-affirming sacred feminine.

One day it came to me: I am a pagan. This was the spiritual path that sang to my soul.

Paganism invites you to the realm of what else is true and possible. Take a little journey beyond the everyday and bring back whatever sings to your soul.

Paganism isn’t just about beliefs, it’s about stepping outside of the strictures of everyday reality and stepping into full-bodied experiences of the wild, magical world of what else is true and possible. After twenty-plus years of pagan explorations, these are five precious lessons that I’ve learned:

1. Life is delicious.

Paganism is a spiritual practice that calls us to a joyful, sensual communion with Nature and our bodies.

Take a walk on the wild side with your unruly, untamable pagan nature. Turn up your favorite music and dance from the inside-out. Eat a bowl of the ripest, sweetest fruit you can find. Make love to your partner as if you were made of one skin. Breathe the blue of the sky deep into your lungs. Spin yourself dizzy under the moonlight. Be radically, delectably, unapologetically alive!

Even in those bumpy times when your challenges and losses bring your down, remember that life is delicious and that there is always a brush of beauty to sweeten your sorrows.

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A Pagan Worldview- Are We Due for a Paradigm Shift?

Posted on:  Jul 1, 2014 @ 9:46 Posted in:  Everyday Magic

Throughout human history, major paradigm shifts have transformed the way we live and dream. Copernicus revealed that the Earth was not the center of the Universe, and the planets, including the Earth, revolved around the Sun. By extension, humanity was assigned to a more humble position, no longer at the center but just one interrelated part of the great ordering of the Cosmos. We are long overdue for another humbling paradigm shift.

In a pagan worldview, the Goddess is immanent (within each of us). Each person, each species, each embodied life form is a sacred expression of Her living presence. From the far distance of a star-studded galaxy to the up close of the wild, spinning neurons of our cellular landscape, one web, woven of filaments of love and interdependence, holds and joins us all.

Paradoxically, we humans are both profoundly significant and insignificant in a pagan worldview.

We are but one minute species amidst a Universe of creation, a tiny cell within the vast being that is God/Goddess. We are not more or less special than anything else. We are not built for supremacy or domination, but to take our destined place within the order of all things.

Yet this insignificance does not diminish our worthiness. We are made of the very stuff of Creation, of God and Goddess, and of sacred light and sacred matter. Inside each of us is a unique spark of Divinity that holds our special, one-of-a-kind place and purpose. We matter not because we are better or more than someone or something else, but because we are uniquely ourselves.

And how we live and dream matters. One web connects us all; by our beliefs, choices and actions we impact everyone and everything around us. Our imbalances and excesses, and our disrespect for the welfare of others, human and non-human, negatively affect the whole.

A pagan worldview can radically transform how we live and dream, to where we are an integral, balanced part of a vaster, profound reality that honors the Divinity, mystery and sacred purpose of all things, including ourselves. We belong. We are worthy. We are bound to and responsible for the well being of others. And we are not alone and never have been.