Pagan Dreamer: Storytellers and Stewards of Her Beauty

storytteller of her beauty

Our primal, natural place in the great weaving of life on this planet is not dominion, but sacred communion and protection. Of all of the Earth’s life forms, we have been given the gift of creative expression to give voice to the beauty and wonders of this world.

Pagan Dreamer: The Bombs of Deep Dreams

Deep Dreams

The message of this dream is clear: big change is here, driven by challenges that work the deepest layers of the psyche. Bombs are being dropped in my inner sanctum, going deeper and getting bigger. Profound healing and transformation are required.

Pagan Dreamer: Your Soul’s Deepest Love

pagan dreamer

Our soul’s deepest love is our own inner beauty, shining deep within our flesh and bones body. Each of us carries a fragment of the star-bright Cosmos in our core, infused with our unique place and purpose within the great web of Creation.

Pagan Dreamer: Masters of Our Truth

Masters of Truth

Claim your Truth and your freedom to live on your own terms. Pay close attention to the ideas and beliefs that direct your life. Whatever feels untrue, unloving and disempowering, banish it from your Truth, and take away its power to control you.

To Wake, Perchance to Dream: Communing With Your Dreambody


To become a masterful dreamer, you must cultivate a respectful and loving connection with your dreambody. Like all good relationships, it takes strong desire and focused attention to cultivate a bond of love, communion and trust with your dreambody.

Pagan Dreamer: A Lesson in Flying, Freedom and Fear


What does it look like to live from a place of freedom, rather than fear? How do we make this shift when fear has us in its grip? Join me as the Mysteries share their wisdom about freedom in my sleeping and waking dreams about flying.

Mastering Dreamwork: Four Telltale Markers of Daytime Dreams

daytime dreaming

Your everyday life is the stuff of dreams. The same mysteries inform your waking and sleeping hours. Think of your unfolding life as one, overarching, soul-sourced dream that makes itself visible in your nighttime dreams and daytime experiences.

Pagan Dreamer: Breathe. Love. Listen. Change the World.


Listen deeply to yourself. Listen deeply to those around you. Listen deeply to the sorrows of the world that call to you. How can you best support yourself and others in this time of endings? What is your place in the making of a better world?

Pagan Dreamer: A Dream of the Good Man

good man

Open your heart and mind to the good men among us as a powerful counterbalance to the cultural ideal of real-men masculinity, played out in the constant bad news of political mayhem, environmental devastation, economic crisis and income disparity.