The Love Revolution: Mending Our Souls, Transforming Our World

Love Revolution

The love revolution was gifted to us by the sixties counterculture, and fifty years later, we’re returning to this tenacious idea of love as a force of societal change. What is this transformative love that can mend our souls and transform our world?

Be Love: A Meditation Exercise

Be Lve

To heal and evolve this world, we need to become something different. We need to be love. Though these words sound simple, what do they really mean? What is this love? And how do we go about being love?

The Golden Love of the Goddess: A Vision of Positive Change

Goddess Love

To mend our soul and heal our world, we need to become something different. This difference is the golden love of the Goddess that is here, now, in the beauty, goodness and power all around and within us. We must open our hearts and live this love.

Three Lessons from the Summer Season: Visioning a New World

Summer powers

Two realities, two ways of living: our known world with its ethos of fear and scarcity versus the life-centered powers of Nature in Summer with its gifts of beauty and abundance. It’s time to consciously choose which reality will guide your life.

Honoring the Mysteries of Samhain


At Samhain, Nature makes its final transitions into its winter dormancy. Between the worlds, the Goddess Hecate stands at Her crossroads, offering Her Crone wisdom and the beacon of Her love-light to guide you in this season of life-changing endings.

Pagan Dreamer: Breathe. Love. Listen. Change the World.


Listen deeply to yourself. Listen deeply to those around you. Listen deeply to the sorrows of the world that call to you. How can you best support yourself and others in this time of endings? What is your place in the making of a better world?

A Samhain Teaching: Born Into Life, Born Into Death


At Samhain, we contemplate the mysteries of death, not with fear, but from acceptance of death as a teacher for the living. We’re born into life and born into death, and it’s this very fact that makes every moment so precious, fragile and beautiful.

Our Collecting and Weaving Task: A Tapestry of Love

weaving love

Collect the silver threads of the Goddess’s love and life-centered ways in your own life, and weave them into a new tapestry of love that centers your everyday existence in the goodness and beauty within you, and the world around you.