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Our Collecting and Weaving Task: A Tapestry of Love

Posted on:  Feb 26, 2017 @ 16:01 Posted in:  Goddess, Podcasts

Our Collecting and Weaving Task: A Tapestry of Love

Posted on:  Feb 18, 2017 @ 10:00 Posted in:  Goddess

These are powerful times that call for powerful presence. The world as we know it appears to be coming apart at the seams, in both immensely positive and terrifyingly negative ways. And we must find our place and power, our love and goodness, in the midst of this river of change that carries us forward to a brighter or desolate future.

I feel the import of this moment, like all of Creation is holding its breath, waiting to see what we humans will choose at this colossal tipping point. I’ve visited this tipping point many, many times with the Goddess and always She returns to the same message: you already have what you need to heal your soul and this world; it’s inside of you, my greatest gift to you, and your most sacred birthright — love.

By this the Goddess doesn’t mean our human, emotional kind of love, but the love that infuses all living things in the unfolding Cosmos, that drives life to create and nurture new life, and to honor and embrace the brilliant manner in which every life form, and every one of us, holds a unique, essential piece of the shining, living, breathing whole.

I feel the Goddess in my fingertips as I write this post. I feel Her in my heart and in my solar plexus.

“Wake up,” She says, “what I speak of is all around you and within you. I walk with you in the beautiful things of this Earth, the best qualities of your humanity, and the Mysteries and powers that underlie everything you see and experience. These are the silver threads of my love and life-centered ways.

“Find these threads in your own life. Gather them to you as the precious gifts that they are. Weave them into a new vision, a tapestry of love that centers your everyday existence, and your choices and actions in the goodness and beauty that you are, and the goodness and beauty of your Earth home. And then live your tapestry of love, with all your heart and all your will, knowing that this, and only this, will bring the depth of change that’s needed to turn the tides into a brighter future in these perilous, exhilarating times.”

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Be Love: A Mediation Exercise

Posted on:  Oct 15, 2016 @ 10:15 Posted in:  Goddess, Podcasts

Be Love: A Mediation Exercise

Posted on:  Oct 14, 2016 @ 7:00 Posted in:  Goddess

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The Goddess tells me one thing over and over again: to heal and evolve this world, we need to become something different. We need to be love.

Though these words sound simple, what do they really mean? What is this love? And how do we go about being love?

What Is this Love?

To answer the question: what is this love, I have to tell you a story.

I was attending a workshop on the Buddha’s doctrines on love. As the teacher delivered his dharma talk on this topic, I shifted into a meditative state and opened to this love he spoke about.

What I experienced wasn’t an idea or an emotion, but more a place or part of my being where I was love. My whole being was infused with an absolute peace and acceptance of everything and everyone. There was no separation between me and this love; it was in me and outside of me at the same time, everywhere and in all things.

Later, in my connection with the Goddess, I came to understand this place or part of me as the golden love of the Goddess that had little to do with my pre-conceived notions of love, and everything to do with my direct experience in the Buddhist workshop.

This isn’t the romantic love of Hallmark Valentine’s Day cards, nor a warm, enveloping, motherly love, but something woven into the very fabric of existence — sometimes fierce, tugging and unrelenting, like the ocean calling us back to its life-sustaining waters — sometimes hot, sensual, igniting, like the skin-on-skin of a lover’s touch — other times gentle, accepting, peaceful, like the hands of the Goddess cupping us in their infinite interior — always as close and intimate as our breath, yet also way beyond our limited human conception of things — something of soul, of body, of experience, not mind.

What I know, beyond all doubt, is that we are this love. Our very beings are woven of its golden strands, and our most sacred purpose is to be love.

How Do You Go About Being Love?

To answer the question: how do you go about being love, I offer you a meditation exercise.

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A Wild-World Love Story

Posted on:  Nov 19, 2015 @ 10:00 Posted in:  Goddess

I’d like to share a love story with you, between a young arbutus tree and me.

I have a regular hiking trail close to my home. There is a wiry, sun-reaching arbutus tree, a wild-world friend, at the trailhead. At the beginning and end of my hike, I touch my mid-brow to its twisting limbs, and breathe in a bit of its essence while sharing a bit of my own.

It was late Fall at the time of this story, and each Fall I set an intention for my personal work. This year my focus was to be sanity, which included trying to resolve my life-long habit of getting lost in my mind reality, and disconnecting from my physical environment.

On my last few walks, the maple trees had carpeted the forest floor with their bright orange leaves, obscuring the lines of the trail. I got lost, in large part because I was thinking more than paying attention to my surroundings, and had to wade through the bush to get back to the road. I intuited that the forest was challenging me, and I would continue to lose my way until I figured out how to be more sane and present.

The day of this story, I again lost my way but was able to retrace my steps back to the trailhead by staying present and paying close attention to landmarks. When I got to the arbutus tree, I did my little connection ritual and noticed something new. It’s orange-brown bark had peeled away, revealing its shiny green skin underneath. Carved on its skin were a large heart and the words: “I love you.”

Now I know that anyone could come up with a logical explanation for the sudden appearance of this love letter, but what hit me at this moment was the heart-widening, soul-aching realization that my wild-tree friend truly loved me — not a treacle-sweet Valentine’s Day kind of love, nor a warm, enveloping, motherly love, but a fierce, tugging, unrelenting love, like the ocean, that called me back to its life-sustaining waters.

Like the Grinch, my heart grew three sizes that day, as I viscerally took in this love that was everywhere and in everything. It was the burning ember of light interwoven with matter. It was the driving force that calls us to strive and struggle, and to grow and blossom. It was the hunger that compels us to stroke the skin of another, in passion and in connection, and to hunger to be stroked in return. It was the cupped hands of the Goddess that hold us in our seasons from life to decay to death.

I did not have to do anything, be anything, to be worthy of this love. And I did not have to fix myself to be sane. I just had to show up as me, pay attention and find my way back to this moment gifted to me by the wild world. I was not separate from this love; that heart and those letters were carved as deep into my flesh as they were on my arbutus friend. I am the love. And my true and deepest purpose is to be love.

This is not just a love story between the arbutus tree and me. It is the love story that calls us back to the Dark Mother’s mysteries, where life unendingly reaches out in love and connection to all life.