Lammas: Harvesting Your Soul Lessons


At Lammas, your journey of soul calls you to self-chosen sacrifice. Harvest your soul lessons and cut away anything that’s complete or blocks your future growth. Some things must die for something new to be born in their place.

A Lammas Meditation: The Golden Field of Your Life Story


Speak out loud your desire to be shown your soul lessons that are ripe and ready for harvest at this moment. Breathe these things deep into your body, ingesting their healing, transformative lessons, and letting them nourish and change you.

A Lammas Teaching: The Seasons and Cycles of Breath


It’s time to turn our focus to the return in-breath of harvesting and ingesting what we’ve learned from the fruits of our efforts, and winnowing out and sacrificing what needs to die in service of our journey of soul. This is the work of Lammas.

Lammas: Lugh and the Miracle of the Harvest


Now is the time of Lammas, the pagan Sabbat of the early harvest. Lugh, the Celtic God of light, waits for you on the summit of a hill, ready to guide you in the mysteries of life and rebirth held within the living land and your living body.

A Lammas Mystery: Lugh and the Miracle of a New Harvest


Lugh — the Shining One, the many-skilled God, bearing His Sword of Light — guides you in Lamma’s mysteries of life, death and rebirth, and your harvest pathwork as one cycle ends on your journey of soul and another begins.