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Winter Journey: Your Rebirth Magic Braving Your Inner Darkness

Posted on:  Dec 10, 2016 @ 10:00 Posted in:  Sabbats

Consider giving your Self a gift of soul this Yule season with the latest offering in the Path of She Guided Series Winter Journey: Your Rebirth Magic.

This has been a very challenging year, with the turmoil on the world stage amplifying our personal struggles and shaking up our sense of stability and wellbeing. Collectively we’ve entered a time of profound, turbulent change: a death–rebirth moment of the world as we know it. Fasten your seatbelt; things are going to get bumpy.

Winter is the time of the Dark Goddess, and Her mysteries of darkness, death and rebirth. She is our perfect companion in these turbulent, life-changing times. She teaches us that death, endings and struggle are inevitable, inescapable and essential for rebirth into new, life-affirming possibilities.

The Dark Goddess is an exacting task-mistress. She requires that we turn our focus inward, and reclaim the lost parts of our life story, both the beautiful and the wounding, that are the deep roots of our personal healing and transformation.
Though this is hard, demanding soul work, the benefits are immeasurable. Not only can we learn to navigate life’s challenges with power, presence and love, but we also heal and reclaim what is best and beautiful in our Self.  When we change ourselves, we change the world.

The Winter Journey: Your Rebirth Magic guides you through seven lessons with integrated teachings, exercises, guided meditation and journaling tasks, with the Dark Goddess and Nature as your teachers and companions.

On your Winter Journey, you will:

Delve into the winter season mysteries of darkness, death and rebirth.

Brave your own inner darkness in search of the lost parts of your life story, and the seeds of your beauty and wounding that are the makings of your personal rebirth magic at this time.

Learn the essential skills of rebirth magic: traveling the ways of the Dark Goddess; reclaiming your wounded self; and cultivating inner emptiness and loving awareness.

Discover the soul work that’s emerging for you at this time that can guide your healing and personal growth in the months to come.

The Winter Journey: Your Rebirth Magic includes: two pdf ebooks: the Winter Journey Guidebook and Winter Journey Journal, and the Winter Journey Guided Meditation (mp3 audio).

All of this is available to you for the affordable price of $16.99.  Buy now on the Path Store.

Winter Journey – Your Rebirth Magic: Braving Your Inner Darkness

Turn Inwards ~ Discover Your Rebirth Magic ~ Make Your Life Anew

Your Winter Journey awaits you.

Your Rebirth Magic: Four Transformational Lessons for the Winter Season

Posted on:  Dec 10, 2016 @ 9:00 Posted in:  Sabbats

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Winter can be an edgy time.  Nature strips itself bare in the face of harsh conditions of darkness, cold, death and scarcity. The Winter Solstice is the darkest night of the year. These natural occurrences can trigger our primal fears of darkness, death, and the loss and suffering that come with our mortality.

Our winter-season spiritual work can also be edgy as we turn inward to the dark, hidden places in our inner landscape, and come up against the painful, vulnerable parts of our life story.

It’s this very edginess that makes Winter one of the most powerful times of the year for transformational pathwork. Winter is the season of the Dark Goddess and Her rebirth magic. From darkness and death, new light and life are reborn. From the dark night of our personal wounding, we reclaim and rebirth our true, beautiful Self.

Here are four transformational lessons for your personal rebirth magic in the winter season.

1. Your personal rebirth magic arises from the depths of your inner darkness.  

Rebirth is a potent magic. It offers profound transformational change that can make your life anew. This magic doesn’t come from an outside source, nor from the things you already know and understand about yourself and your life. Rebirth is a special kind of transformative magic that emerges from the lost, forgotten and denied parts of your life story, secreted away in the dark folds of your inner landscape.

In Winter, Nature reveals the powerful workings of the Dark Goddess’s rebirth magic.  Beneath the outer dormancy and death of the natural realm, the seeds of Spring’s new growth gestate in the dark belly of the Earth. On the Winter Solstice, the darkest night births forth the light of the new solar year. Life and light are reborn from death and darkness.

So too the seeds of your personal rebirth magic gestate in the depths of your inner darkness.  Here you can discover the lost parts of your life story that hold the seeds of your beauty and wounding that are stirring at this time, waiting for the awakening touch of your conscious awareness and love.

Together these seeds can illuminate and guide your healing and personal growth in the months to come. When you find and reclaim your wounding, you awaken and reclaim your beauty. Just as life and light are reborn from death and darkness, so too your true beauty is reborn from your deep wounding — this is the personal rebirth magic that can make your life anew.
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Your Rebirth Magic: Four Transformational Lessons for the Winter Season

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Why Women Can Heal Our World

Posted on:  Mar 8, 2016 @ 8:00 Posted in:  Goddess

It is a common adage amongst feminist, pagan and progressive spiritual schools of thought that it is women and the feminine ethos that can save our world.  The emphasis is typically on our natural inclination toward nurturance, care and compassion for others — the light and love of our womanly natures.

Yes, I believe these things to be true, in part because of our innate feminine characteristics and also because of our socialized caregiving roles. But something essential is missing from this picture — the dark side of the sacred feminine and the lost pieces of our woman’s nature and powers that connect us to the ways of the Dark Goddess.

Although I was a feminist and practicing witch for a number of years, I didn’t come into my full woman, priestess powers until I miscarried a much wanted child. It was the Winter Solstice, in the darkest hours of the night. As my womb convulsed, releasing the dead life within, I collected the tissues of my child in a one quart mason jar so my husband and I would have something to mourn and bury.

It was a turning point; in the midst of my keening grief, I remembered myself — witch, priestess, wise woman — Holy Whore, Holy Reaper — midwife to both life and death moments with the powers of creation and destruction within my living womb. My ancient female ancestors awoke in me that night, the red cloaked ones, priestesses, leaders, healers and counselors that guided their communities through the natural cycles of birth, life, decay and death.

That night, I became big enough, wild enough, wise enough to be fully present, to feel all and resist nothing — my bottomless grief and my unbounded love, not only for this child I would never hold in my arms, but for my own pain and my own beauty, and all the death bits I had suffered to arrive awake and present for this death moment. Naked and wide-open raw, I made a choice; I lifted my blood stained hands to the returning light and my soul to its promise of new life.

We are living, right now, in a death moment. The world as we know is crumbling under the weight of its unsustainable, destructive ways. Yes we need women, and men, drawing on the life-affirming ethos of the sacred feminine, to help vision and birth a new world into being. But before that is truly possible, we need to be sacred witnesses and midwives to the death bits that have pushed us to this edge. We need to hold and grieve what has been hurt, what has been lost and what must die for something new to be born.

Yes women can heal our world — when we become big enough, wild enough and wise enough to encompass the light and the dark of our true, stunning, whole/holy nature. Our dark feminine powers are still with us. They sleep within our womanly bodies and in our collective human dreaming, awaiting our conscious choice to reclaim them as our own.

Your Lost Treasure Returned Tale of the Lost Daughter

Posted on:  Aug 23, 2015 @ 10:00 Posted in:  From the Tale

With eyes closed and one hand on my heart and the other on my belly, I look deep, deep inside. I see a touch of strawberry-tinted whipped cream at the corner of Emilie’s mouth, and her wise, clear gaze as she shares her secret knowledge that Salt Spring is a treasure island. I smell Will’s bergamot-scented skin, and taste his pulsing throat under my hot mouth as the earth and stars make love through our fully-clothed bodies. I hear Ereshkigal’s wild wails rising up from the rock and forest of the Fulford Valley, and feel Her coursing through my fingers as I slash Her death-red grief and mine onto my sketchbook page.

And I see the reflection of scarlet embers in Kayla’s eyes, feel her strong hands cradling my wet cheeks, and I know, really truly know, that I am enough. Inanna’s cold lips brought back to life by my kiss — my shape-shifting flight with the raven into the reality beyond the concrete wall — I want to be alive, fully, radically, deliciously alive. This is my true heart’s desire. I can’t turn away from this moment — it’s time to say yes, to surrender, to trust — no matter the cost.

I step through the obsidian mirror, my way no longer blocked as it was on the Winter Solstice, and come face-to-face with my own, true, beautiful self, with her priestess powers and Goddess knowing intact and awaiting my reclaiming. In her curved palm, she holds a blackened iron pot filled with earth and water — the dirt of life from our Solstice ritual.

With a slow, sensuous caress, she paints a mud-smeared star on my brow and says, “Nothing is lost that cannot be refound. I am your soul’s desire, your lost treasure, returned to you. If you choose it so, so it will be.”

With curved palms, I embrace her lovely, ethereal face and kiss her ruby-red lips — slow, sweet and certain.

“Yes,” I whisper into her ear.

With the sensation of smoke slipping in between the spaces of my physical form and tingling its way into my cellular lattice, she is gone. I stand alone, and yet not alone, because what was lost from me has been refound and reclaimed, by my own free will and choice making, and now rests, a burning ember of starlight, in my inner core.

Tale of the Lost Daughter is available at the Path Store and Amazon.