The Transformative Magic of Your Life Story

transformative magic of life story

We have a whole lot of beauty and a whole lot of ugly inside of us and in our world. These two polar forces battle for dominion over our soul. It’s here, in these opposing forces, that you find the transformative magic of your life story.

Wake-Up Calls: Taking Your Life In Soulful, New Directions

Wake-Up Calls:

Heighten your awareness of the presence and impact of wake-up calls in your life transitions. With this awareness, become more attuned to the small and large ways your soul and life work together to shake you awake and guide your healing and growth.

Be Love: A Meditation Exercise

Be Lve

To heal and evolve this world, we need to become something different. We need to be love. Though these words sound simple, what do they really mean? What is this love? And how do we go about being love?

An Ancestral Teaching: My Body of the Ancestors


We inherit not only the physical DNA of our family lines, but also the energetic DNA of generational stories and experiences, especially those of trauma. These things live on in our bodies, and can be healed and transformed through our life choices.

Winter Journey: Your Rebirth Magic

Consider giving your Self a gift of soul this Yule season with the latest offering in the Path of She Guided Series – Winter Journey: Your Rebirth Magic. [img-center] This has been a very challenging year, with the turmoil on the world stage amplifying our personal struggles and shaking up our sense of stability and […]