What’s In a Name: Good Girl – Feminist – Witch – Woman

Feminist Witch

I’m a white woman, a Canadian of British descent, born into a working class family of moderate means, with an upbringing that was mainstream, banal, and seemingly innocuous. Good girl — feminist — witch — woman: this is my story of names.

The Wounded Beloved: Exploring Your Inner Gendered Tear

wounded beloved

We’re all born into a patriarchal world that force feeds and constrains us within narrow, damaging male and female stereotypes and roles that negate the feminine aspects of our human nature. In this exercise, explore this gendered tear inside of you.

HeForShe and SheForHe: Healing Our World Together


What ails humanity, men and women alike, is the degradation of the feminine half our nature that holds not only our nurturing and emotive capacities, but also our anchor in our bodies, the natural world and the mysteries of the Divine feminine.

Ancestral Feminism

[img-left]I was a feminist doctoral student in a business faculty when I first stumbled upon the Goddess and women’s history/herstory. But I couldn’t finish my studies; they did not take me far or deep enough. My feminine ancestors had other plans for me. Shortly after quitting the doctoral program, I had a dream that called […]