Pagan Dreamer: Storytellers and Stewards of Her Beauty

storytteller of her beauty

Our primal, natural place in the great weaving of life on this planet is not dominion, but sacred communion and protection. Of all of the Earth’s life forms, we have been given the gift of creative expression to give voice to the beauty and wonders of this world.

Pagan Dreamer: Masters of Our Truth

Masters of Truth

Claim your Truth and your freedom to live on your own terms. Pay close attention to the ideas and beliefs that direct your life. Whatever feels untrue, unloving and disempowering, banish it from your Truth, and take away its power to control you.

To Wake, Perchance to Dream: Communing With Your Dreambody


To become a masterful dreamer, you must cultivate a respectful and loving connection with your dreambody. Like all good relationships, it takes strong desire and focused attention to cultivate a bond of love, communion and trust with your dreambody.

Pagan Dreamer: A Dream of the Good Man

good man

Open your heart and mind to the good men among us as a powerful counterbalance to the cultural ideal of real-men masculinity, played out in the constant bad news of political mayhem, environmental devastation, economic crisis and income disparity.

A Modern Goddess Tale: From Lost Daughter to Goddess Queen

modern Goddess

The Path of She, in its deepest roots, is a journey from lost daughter to Goddess Queen — a modern Goddess tale that invites you to embrace your own life story, with its beauty and wounding, as the content and catalyst of your healing and transformation.