A Beltane Teaching: The Lover’s Embrace of Life


At Beltane, life comes courting, gathering every one of us into its lover’s embrace. Sex and birth are everywhere — delicious, unstoppable, untameable — as plants bloom and wild things mate, bursting forth new life with lush, teeming exuberance.

Beltane: Making Love and Life with the Wild World


At Beltane, embrace the delicious, transformative energies of the wild world. Now is the time to surrender to your innate desire to make love and make life, and to bud and flourish from the essence of your true, beautiful Self.

A Beltane Mystery: The Green Man and the Dance of Life

At the edge of the forest, the Green Man beckons you to his wild-world dance of light, life and creation where one ecstatic force unites you, the Green Man, the forest plants and creatures in the irrepressible drive of life to create new life.