Your Spring Journey

With Springtime, your journey of soul steps out of the darkness and into the light.

It is time to leave behind your soul work in the belly of the dark, move past your old stories, and step into life-affirming new beginnings and personal growth.

In Springtime we reconnect with the story of Persephone.

She began Her journey in the Underworld at the Fall Equinox and now She rejoins Her Mother Demeter in the sunlit realm of Spring.

Persephone's greatest gift is the promise of renewal and rebirth.

In Nature, a new cycle of rebirth and growth begins as the Mother Earth draws life-inducing sunshine into the core of Her green bosom.

Both in ancient tales and in the natural world, the Spring Equinox brings together a powerful convergence of dark and light, death and life, and old patterns and new possibilities that are held in balance before the scales tip in favor of light and life.

Follow in Persephone's footsteps at this potent time of the Spring as you step from the darkness into the light and the welcoming arms of springtime.

The Spring Equinox was on March 20, 2017

Learn more about using the energy of the returning light in your own journey of soul….

The Path of She Book of Sabbats

The Path of She Book of Sabbats takes you on a spiritual journey through the seasons, with Nature and the Gods and Goddesses as your guides.

Connect your spiritual path with the energy of the Earth through teachings, guided meditations and pathwork exercises, and explore your soul’s journey through its seasons of light, dark, life, death, joy and sorrow. Embrace the powerful, essential work of transforming your life.

In Paperback and Ebook

Guided Spring Journey -Your Spiritual Evolution: Embracing Your Life Story

In Spring, let Nature and the Goddesses Demeter and Persephone be your guides as a new cycle of rebirth and growth emerges from the dark, composting belly of the Earth. Your journey of soul takes you to the potent threshold where new beginnings emerge from your old story.

Includes seven lessons with integrated teachings, exercises and journaling tasks in two pdf ebooks: the Spring Journey Guidebook and Spring Journey Journal, and the Spring Journey Guided Meditation (mp3 audio).

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