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Sleeping Beauty- Awake!

The Path of She starts with a simple premise – you are infinitely beautiful and infinitely worthy – beyond your wildest imagination. Each of us carries a fragment of the ever creating Universe, infused with our unique place and value within the greater order of things.  Our sleeping beauty and true power await us, shining deep within our flesh and bones bodies.

This knowing came to me in a night time dream where I fully embody my most divine, delicious, inner nature.  In my dream, Bono from U-2 is my lover. He brings me on stage at a concert, and shows the audience my beauty which reaches out from my luminescent center and shines through my skin. He kisses me, deeply, passionately, activating his own inner, shining beauty. Then he performs a song called, ‘Being with my Soul’s Deepest Love.’  I lay my hands on his back and send our joined energies out into the audience. As the last note slips into silence, Bono shuts off all of the lights, blanketing the stadium in an inky backdrop for the dazzling brilliance of the combined shining of each and every member of the audience.

In the language of the Path of She, our Soul’s deepest love is our very own sleeping beauty, that needs our kiss of conscious engagement to bring our hidden gifts and powers back to the waking world. We are meant to live big, gifting the world with our best presence and nature, and receiving the same from others. Yet individually and collectively we have lost our way. We hunger for more – more beauty, more happiness, more meaning, more love – not knowing that what we deeply crave is already inside of us.