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Become a catalyst of the love revolution: heal your wounded heart; choose the love that is Goddess and your best nature; live this love and transform the world.
Love Revolution

The Love Revolution: Mending Our Souls, Transforming Our World

The love revolution was gifted to us by the sixties counterculture, and fifty years later, we’re returning to this tenacious idea of love as a force of societal change. What is this transformative love that can mend our souls and transform our world? …Read More

Love and beauty matter. Care of others and Earth matter. Becoming fully your Self matters. Live these things and the Goddess will return to your life and our world.

Why Does the Goddess Matter?

It’s time to wake up and remember the Goddess. She calls us to make love and life the center of our existence. She can’t tend and nurture this world without us, and we can’t mend our soul and human society without Her. …Read More

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