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A Pagan Journey of Power and Transformation

Paganism is one of the fastest growing spiritual practices,  rapidly becoming mainstream and making significant contributions to popular culture.  A recent series in The Guardian notes that pagans are found in every area of life, and that in England and Wales the number of people who identify themselves as pagans has almost doubled during the past ten years.

Why is paganism increasing in popularity, and what do these ancient teachings and ways offer our modern lives?

My interest in paganism was driven by a hunger for a spirituality that honored the beauty and powers of the natural world, and the deep mysteries that underlie our waking, everyday reality.  As a woman immersed in, and profoundly wounded by, the ethos of the mainstream culture, I was seeking the missing half of myself, and my humanity – the wild, sensual, dreaming, witching, life affirming, sacred feminine.

What I discovered in my Path of She journey work was the means to empower my life, and transform myself and my world. These ancient Goddess mysteries and practices called me to reclaim the profound breadth of my true, human nature, and the gifts and beauty of my individual soul.  It taught me that all life is precious, and each of us, all forms of life, have a unique and required place in the great web of existence. And that what changes my world, changes all world – as I heal and transform, so I help in the healing and transformation of our world.

My heart sings when I see paganism calling to more and more people, and infusing the mainstream culture with its sensual, powerful, and life and self affirming ways.  Yes!  Individually and collectively, let us heal and reclaim the lost parts of our humanity, let us find our right place in the great order of things, let us transform our lives, lets us stand brave and sure in our personal gifts and powers, and in these ways, let us reach out to each other, and begin to weave our world anew.

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From Tale of the Lost Daughter: The Great Turning

“Your kind hovers on the cusp of the third turning, the Great Turning, for humanity is coming to the end of one cycle of its unfolding and balances precariously on an evolutionary edge. This evolution isn’t about transcending the flesh of mortality, or of becoming something brand new, it’s about the weaving and full embodiment of who and what you already are. The gold seed, like my cauldron, contains the deepest alchemical magic, where the base elements of your inner Divinity come together with your lived experiences of the best and worst of humanity. Like all of Creation, human evolution is driven by the collision of opposites inherent in your nature, your light and shadow, your creative and destructive impulses, and your weaving of the good and bad dream. With collision comes awareness of polarities, with awareness comes conscious choice, and with conscious choice you can heal and transform your life and your world. ”

Tale of the Lost Daughter is available at the Path Store and Amazon.



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Pathwork: Witchwork: Exploring the Path of She’s Teaching

Though you do not need to be a pagan or witch to walk the Path of She, its basic principles need to speak to your soul’s longings.  The Path is about turning your face back to your true beauty, and the life giving powers and deep mysteries of the Dark Goddess and the sacred feminine. Reclaiming these precious elements of your selfhood and humanity is central to the Path’s journey work.

If you haven’t already done so, take some time to explore the Path of She website and see where the Path resonates with your spiritual beliefs and where it challenges you. Let these insights deepen your understanding of your soul’s journey work, and how it may be best served by the Path’s teachings.

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Pathwork: The Deeper Mysteries of Self and Soul

There are as many spiritual pathways as there are individuals. Your communion with Divinity, within and without, is personal and precious.  The Path of She’s intention is to help you reclaim your personal power and Divine nature. But to do that you cannot cling to your old ways of being and belief. You have to be willing to delve below the world that you know, into the deeper mysteries of self, soul and life.

This week spend some time hanging out with your spiritual beliefs. Don’t worry if you don’t follow a specific religious or spiritual tradition, or if you do, don’t worry about the specifics of doctrine, dogma or practice. Instead look for the essential elements of what you believe, and let yourself feel how they sing to your soul, and where they leave you hungry and longing for more. Ask yourself if you are willing to follow where these soul longings lead.

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Sexism is in the Water

In-your-face sexism was in the news again, this time concerning the “brogrammer” culture of the tech industry. TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, a leading industry conference, included a presentation by Australian programmers of an app called “Titstare”, in which “you take photos of yourself staring at tits,” programmer Jethro Batts explained. He went on to say, “I think this is the breast hack ever.” In a separate incident online, hateful and bigoted musings of a media company’s chief tech resulted in his firing although this behavior had been going on for years.

Isn’t it fascinating how sexist attitudes crop up everywhere from the factory to the keyboard? Why are they so pervasive and resilient, and how will they be changed?

Sexism is systemic. It is the cultural broth in which our psyches simmer from cradle to grave. It is as if sexist attitudes are added to the water that we all unknowingly drink from birth. Despite tremendous change in the last century, sexist attitudes and behaviors persist as part of our shared belief system.

Technologist Adria Richards notes “There are three messages that young girls get before they get interested in computers: One, you wouldn’t be interested in this. Two, you wouldn’t be good at this, and three, you don’t belong here.” This is one small node of the cognitive structure we collectively instill into males and females. Another node is the idea that boys will be boys, in other words, sometimes the behavior of males will be offense and degrading but they don’t really mean anything by it so don’t you have anything else to whine about?

How will such systemic attitudes change? First, systemic change is iterative. In other words it doesn’t happen all at once but bit by bit over time. Behavior of person A sparks a small shift in the attitudes and behavior of person B and so on. This doesn’t necessarily mean that change has to take a long time. A “straw that breaks the camel’s back” shift can result in what appears as a seismic change overnight. Events in India in the gang rape sentencing last week may be such a moment.

Second, systemic change requires people who are catalysts or seed agents. These people drive iterative change because they are awake and possess the vision of where we need to move as a society. Seeders actively disseminate their vision in word and deed. This is why efforts like Hollaback are so powerful.

Thirdly, how do people become seeders? The power to develop the vision to change society starts with deep healing and personal evolution on an individual basis. And then, as saying goes, you can Be the Change.