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The lost daughter transcends our personal life stories, connecting us to an older, primal wound of disconnect from the Goddess and our sacred feminine nature.

The Lost Daughter: A Story For Our Times

We are the lost daughters, seeking our way home to the Goddess after a long separation from Her powers. The Tale of the Lost Daughter is a story for these times which can inspire your journey of return to the Goddess and Her sacred feminine ways. …Read More

You are Goddess. You are Divine. You are powerful and worthy beyond your wildest imagination. Claim these sacred truths as your own. Then pass them on.
Inner Goddess

Thou Art Goddess: Claiming Your Inner Goddess in the Summer Season

Two voices — one that directs your awareness inward to your Inner Goddess nature, beauty and power — the other that turns your gaze outward, granting others the power to determine your value and place in this world. Which do you choose? …Read More

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