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Leave behind the dark of Winter, and step into Spring’s light of new beginnings. Where there’s light, there’s shadow. Together they can transform your life.

An Imbolc Teaching: The Shadow Dance

At Imbolc, Winter thaws into Spring, and the dark gives way to the light. Reach out to your shadow side, and step together into the returning powers of light and life, with their springtime promise of new possibilities and transformative change. …Read More

How we name ourselves and each other matters deeply. These names can either trap and diminish us, or heal and free us to become more fully, deeply our Selves.
feminist and witch

What’s In a Name: Good Girl – Feminist – Witch – Woman

I’m a white woman, a Canadian of British descent, born into a working class family of moderate means, with an upbringing that was mainstream, banal, and seemingly innocuous. Good girl — feminist — witch — woman: this is my story of names. …Read More

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