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It’s time for a new myth and reality, inspired by ancient Goddess tales, and our modern #metoo stories, in service of women’s beauty, sovereignty and power.
Goddess and the #Metoo Movement

The Goddess and the #Metoo Movement: Mythic Tales for these Modern Times

Our #metoo stories arise from ancient Goddess tales, and the suffering of our female ancestors. Our voices are part of a world-changing movement that can unravel the past, and reweave a new reality of safety, respect and honoring our feminine nature. …Read More

Embrace the Goddess’s mysteries that guide your spiritual evolution. Give yourself the springtime gift of new beginnings. Your Spring Journey awaits you!

Spring Journey: Your Spiritual Evolution

With Nature and the Goddess as your guides, the Spring Journey: Your Spiritual Evolution takes you into the depths of the season’s mysteries of new beginnings to discover the transformative growth that’s emerging for you at this time. …Read More

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