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The Tale of the Fall: Tale of the Lost Daughter

“This is the story seed of the master tale of the Fall,” She says, “It reveals the second turning of humanity, and your descent from the good dream of your ancient ancestors into the bad dream of the worst instincts of your nature. My cauldron has given you but a small taste of the harm that your species has done to me, to the Mother Earth, and to each other.

“I see and name the terrible truths of the red-seed times, but I do not judge or condemn you. To find out who they truly are, children must try their strength and test their limits outside of the protecting arms and defining ways of their Mother. Your fall from the Garden, and your rejection of my presence and my mysteries, are natural steps in coming into your full maturity.

“It has been my hardest, most grievous task to stand back and let you find your own way, knowing that I could not protect you from the polarities and extremes of your own nature. For your kind has been blessed and cursed with the dual powers of creation and destruction, and the free will to choose whether to live by the laws of love or dominion. You chose destruction, dominion and fear, and your beast nature over your beauty.

“The master tale of the Fall also offers a wisdom teaching: everything that unfolds in matter has a purpose, even the worst of these red-seed tales of horror. Like a pearl born of the chafing of grit, you come into your full beauty and power through the chafing of life.”

Tale of the Lost Daughter is available at the Path Store and Amazon.