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Pathwork: Dreaming with the Dark Goddess

The Dark Goddess meets us in alternative states of consciousness such as dreaming and ritual work.  She comes to us with offerings of connection and guidance that can open us to Her mysteries, and help us in our journey work.

This week ask the Dark Goddess to come to you in your nighttime dreams.  Before you go to sleep, settle your breath and relax your body.  Center your attention in your heart, and feel its pulsing, warm blooded presence.  Imagine that your beating heart connects you to the beating heart of the Earth.  And as you open into this deep, rhythmic connection, call out to the Dark Goddess. Tell Her that you would like Her to dream with you this night, to make a connection, or deepen an existing relationship. Ask Her to offer you guidance  on whether you are ready to embrace, and/or deepen your commitment to Her mysteries and Her ways.

If you’re new to working with your dreams, a conscious connection to the Dark Goddess may not come to you all at once.  And just because you don’t remember a dream in the morning, doesn’t mean that a connection hasn’t been made in your nighttime adventures.

Pay attention to anything you experience upon waking, and during your day, be it a dream, an image, a body sensation, an emotional reaction, or an unusual event or encounter.  The Dark Goddess speaks to us, and changes us, in all of these ways. As long as your intention is deep and sincere, and you apply yourself and remain open, She will come.

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