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Humanity’s Better Instincts: From Tale of the Lost Daughter

“What are you two talking about?” I say, “There is nothing redeemable about those things we saw in the cauldron. Nothing! We are monsters with thousands of years of murder and rape, and endless suffering under our belt. And, goddamn us, it’s not really any different now. We still murder and rape and treat each other like dirt. And then pretend nothing is wrong. We took your beauty Hecate, and all the gifts you gave us, and made you into that hag.”

“There are so many other things my cauldron could have shown you,” Hecate says gently, “Life doesn’t divide so easily along lines of good and evil, and beauty and beast, but is made of a complex weaving of all these qualities. Humanity’s better instincts are still very much present in the world. Acts of horror are balanced with acts of kindness, destructive forces with creative impulses, and hatred and bigotry with love and compassion. Open to your own heart and see if my words ring true.”

My Opa Kass immediately comes to me. His life has been terrible in ways I cannot imagine. He grew up in Nazi Germany, and must have seen the worst atrocities of humanity up close. And he had so much heartbreak of his own, as an immigrant to the United States when Germans were hated, losing the young wife he adored, and then my dad, his only child, dying before they had a chance to reconcile their differences. Yet my Opa Kass was the most loving, beautiful person I know. Somehow his hardships made him shine brighter, and love life, and me, more.”

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