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The Green World and Me: From Tale of the Lost Daughter

A freshening breeze blows this vision away, filling my lungs with floral, oxygen-rich air, and I find myself standing on the green-growing road. With each inhalation, I take in a fragment of the untamed fecundity of this place, and on each exhalation, I share a bit of my raw, undomesticated essence. My bones and joints begin to loosen and my hips to rock and sway as we groove, life force to life force, the green world and me.

Yes, oh, yes, yes — this is another way of power, a power-within ethos where my wild, true beauty communes with the wild, true beauty of others. Here there is enough — enough joy, enough nourishment, enough love, enough magic, enough power, enough beauty — for everyone and everything. The green-growing road will always grant us our deepest longings and needs if we live and dream, true and fair, from the inside out.

from Tale of the Lost Daughter … available at the Path Store and Amazon.