Mastering Dreamwork: Four Telltale Markers of Daytime Dreams [podcast]

Nighttime dreams are unbounded from the laws of the physical world. Daytime dreams are grounded in the concrete events and exchanges of your daily existence.

Photo Credit: Steven Wei on Unsplash

To Wake, Perchance to Dream: Communing With Your Dreambody [podcast]


There’s no separation between your dreams and waking life; awake or asleep, it's all one dreambody communion that can guide your personal growth and life journey.

Photo Credit: Andalucía Andaluía on Unsplash

Your Sovereign Leadership: Discovering Your Inner Beauty and Power [podcast]

With a vision of sovereign leadership, there’s no top or bottom of the pile, no better or worse, just infinite configurations of soul-sourced beauty and power.

Claiming Your Personal Leadership: A Grassroots Vision of Change [podcast]

What matters is who you are, not what you do. The world needs you to claim your personal leadership, and trust that what you have to offer is worthy and needed.

Photo Credit: Karina Carvalho on Unsplash

A Hansel and Gretel Spiritual Journey: Finding Your Way Home One Crumb at a Time [podcast]

Hansel and Gretel reveal a great spiritual truth: you do your soul work one crumb/life-changing situation at a time; one crumb leads to the next, and the next.

Photo Credit: Alessio Lin on Unsplash