Silver Threads of the Great Mother: A New Weaving For These Times [podcast]

We must begin again, collecting and weaving the silver threads of the Great Mother into a tapestry of Her life-giving ways, knowing that new times require a new weaving.

Shine: A Prayer of Transformation in these Great Turning Times [podcast]

You are woven, like all of Creation, from the light and the dust of the stars. You were made to shine your light, brave, bold and brilliant, into the darkness.

A New Year’s Message from the Mysteries: Be Here Now [podcast] Be Here Now

Your Rebirth Magic [podcast] Four Transformational Lessons for the Winter Season


When Death Arrives On Our Doorstep: A Samhain Primer for These Times [podcast]

Be the sacred witness who honors the stuff of life — the angst, longings, beauty, horror, struggle, and triumphs — as the crucible of our greater becoming.

Photo Credit: Shellyse Szakacs