Freedom, Not Fear: A Lesson in Flying

Our Collecting and Weaving Task: A Tapestry of Love

Weave a new vision, a tapestry of love, and then live your weaving with all your heart and will; help turn the tides into a brighter future in these perilous, exhilarating times.

Silver Threads of the Great Mother: A New Weaving For These Times

We must begin again, collecting and weaving the silver threads of the Great Mother into a tapestry of Her life-giving ways, knowing that new times require a new weaving.

Shine: A Prayer of Transformation in these Great Turning Times

You are woven, like all of Creation, from the light and the dust of the stars. You were made to shine your light, brave, bold and brilliant, into the darkness.

A New Year’s Message from the Mysteries: Be Here Now