The Dance Temple Habit: An Exercise in Full-Bodied Dance Magic

Deep, transformative magic waits for us in our flesh and bones form. Our body is a treasury of primal wisdom and sensate knowledge that speaks to us through the language of movement and sensation. Wondrously, one of the best, most joyful ways to access this treasure trove is through authentic, inspired dance.

I am infinitely blessed to be part of Dance Temple where my dancing tribe gathers each week, under the guidance of brilliant priestess-facilitators, to dive deep and wild into our body’s transformative magic through free-form movement. This same magic is as close as the privacy of your own living space, where you can dive deep and wild into the dance temple of your own sacred body. This pathwork exercise guides you in the delicious process of creating your own dance temple experience.

For this exercise, choose at least thirty minutes of music that speaks deeply to your body and soul. It can be slow, fast or a mix. Don’t include your preferred dance music or your favorite songs. You want to discover and inhabit your body in new ways, not slip into your existing patterns of movement.
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Pathwork: Daytime Dreamers

Some people are more proficient daytime dreamers than nighttime dreamers. A case in point:

A friend of mine was in deep distress,  questioning her personal choices around lifestyle and career. I suggested she ask for a nighttime dream, just like this week’s inner pathwork activity. We were having lunch a week later and she said the dream exercise didn’t work, and then proceeded to recount an animated tale of interpersonal strife with another woman her age, in a similar career situation. Lo and behold, there was her dream, written in the flesh and bones of waking reality, that perfectly addressed her questions and angst. My friend was a skilled daytime dreamer, she just didn’t know it.

Daytime dreams, built of the concrete blocks of the sunlit world, can be just as potent and useful as nighttime dreams in guiding our personal pathwork and supporting our magical physiotherapy.

If you asked for a nighttime dream this week, but haven’t had any results, maybe you are having a daytime dream. Think again about the situation or question that inspired your dream request. Then look to your waking life. Has anything new or unusual happened this week? What stories have you been telling others that have strong emotions and energy attached to them?  Maybe this is a daytime dream providing you with insights and answers.

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Pathwork: The Magical Physiotherapy of Dreams

Regaining magical power and strength is analogous to physiotherapy after loss of function in our physical body. We activate and work our magical muscles through focused effort and dedication.

Through this process we not only regain our spiritual vitality but we also naturally rewire our conscious engagement of the world, and widen our eyes beyond the perceptual blinders of our encultured and personal worldview.

Dreams are a great place to activate and strengthen our magical powers, with their ready access to our inner landscape and the archetypal, mythic realms of our collective humanity.

This week ask for a dream about something important going on in your life, perhaps a situation that has been bothering you that you can’t resolve, or that you are profoundly curious about. Make sure this is something deep, not trivial. Before you go to sleep, take a few moments to settle into your breath and relax your body, and then ask for a dream to help you with the situation.

If you’re new to working with your dreams, be patient with yourself. Anything that comes to you, be it a dream, a brief image, a body sensation or a strong emotion, acknowledge it, write it down, and stay open to additional insights and information coming your way. Remember, like physiotherapy, it’s important to work slowly and steadily, gaining strength and ability through your quality of focus and consistency of effort.

Pathwork: Curiosity and the Practice of Not Knowing

Keystone moments and spiritual epiphanies often appear out of nowhere, seemingly a synchronistic event orchestrated by the Mysteries on our behalf. But this is not entirely true, something has also shifted in us; we have become more open, porous and welcoming to the light of new understandings.

Curiosity is a state of being that is conducive to transformative insights and breakthrough moments. We wonder and ask open-ended questions, rather than closing the door on what else may be true through our habitual adherence to our existing understanding of things. This week try being more curious; practice approaching your life from a state of not knowing. Start with everyday things, like a friend’s annoying behavior that never fails to irk you, or a food or activity that gives you an unexpected burst of pleasure. Open to these moments, explore them, journal them, and discover something new about yourself. 

Curiosity begets more curiosity, and can unfold into a lifelong spiritual practice of widening your eyes to the mysteries and transformative potential hidden in plain view.

Pathwork: Activating Your Pathwork

On the Path of She, our desired outcome is the healing of our soul and the living of our Deep Self. This is not something we do all at once, but in incremental steps, some small, some huge, based on our unique configuration of beauty and wounding, and the pieces of our inner and outer life that are ready for healing and growth.

Though the content of our personal healing and growth differs, the Path of She process for structuring and guiding our pathwork is the same. This process is analogous to breath. We activate our pathwork by sinking deep into our inner landscape, like an in-breath. We engage our pathwork by sending it out into the world, like an out-breath, and then show up to whatever outer insights and experiences come to us. To complete this process, we call our pathwork back to ourselves and ingest what we have learned and experienced, like a return in-breath.

This week we are focusing on the in-breath, activation part of this process.

Activation is the step of focusing inward to anchor in and source from your Deep Self when seeking guidance on your emerging pathwork. This helps you to step aside of your ego self and thinking-mind understanding of things, and to engage your innermost truths and mysteries.

Start with the Deep Self meditation in the Opening to Deep Self post. Set the intention of connecting with your Deep Self to source and activate the pathwork that is right for you at this time.

As you track the movements and sounds of your breath, imagine on every in-breath that you are sinking deeper and deeper into your inner landscape and the knowing of your Deep Self. When it feels right, let go of your focus on your in-breath, and open yourself to whatever sensations, insights and information await you (which may or may not included specific words and content) that can activate and illuminate your emerging pathwork.

To complete this process, focus once more on your breath. Let the in and out movements of your breath, particularly your out-breath, draw you back into physical reality and your body. When you feel fully back, take a few more deep breaths, slowly open your eyes and then stretch and move your body.

Take some time to journal what you have experienced. Let the words and insights flow, with little effort or mental intervention on your part. If your preferred mode of expression is
another creative art form, such as dance or painting, that will work as well. The idea is to get what you have experienced down on a blank page, and to affirm your connection and communication with your Deep Self and emerging pathwork.

As with all your Path of She work, things come to you in their own time and at their own pace. If you are new to meditation and spiritual work, be patient with yourself. Enjoy and relish these new experiences, and understand that they, in themselves, are healing and transforming your life.