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Your Lost Treasure Returned Tale of the Lost Daughter

With eyes closed and one hand on my heart and the other on my belly, I look deep, deep inside. I see a touch of strawberry-tinted whipped cream at the corner of Emilie’s mouth, and her wise, clear gaze as she shares her secret knowledge that Salt Spring is a treasure island. I smell Will’s bergamot-scented skin, and taste his pulsing throat under my hot mouth as the earth and stars make love through our fully-clothed bodies. I hear Ereshkigal’s wild wails rising up from the rock and forest of the Fulford Valley, and feel Her coursing through my fingers as I slash Her death-red grief and mine onto my sketchbook page.

And I see the reflection of scarlet embers in Kayla’s eyes, feel her strong hands cradling my wet cheeks, and I know, really truly know, that I am enough. Inanna’s cold lips brought back to life by my kiss — my shape-shifting flight with the raven into the reality beyond the concrete wall — I want to be alive, fully, radically, deliciously alive. This is my true heart’s desire. I can’t turn away from this moment — it’s time to say yes, to surrender, to trust — no matter the cost.

I step through the obsidian mirror, my way no longer blocked as it was on the Winter Solstice, and come face-to-face with my own, true, beautiful self, with her priestess powers and Goddess knowing intact and awaiting my reclaiming. In her curved palm, she holds a blackened iron pot filled with earth and water — the dirt of life from our Solstice ritual.

With a slow, sensuous caress, she paints a mud-smeared star on my brow and says, “Nothing is lost that cannot be refound. I am your soul’s desire, your lost treasure, returned to you. If you choose it so, so it will be.”

With curved palms, I embrace her lovely, ethereal face and kiss her ruby-red lips — slow, sweet and certain.

“Yes,” I whisper into her ear.

With the sensation of smoke slipping in between the spaces of my physical form and tingling its way into my cellular lattice, she is gone. I stand alone, and yet not alone, because what was lost from me has been refound and reclaimed, by my own free will and choice making, and now rests, a burning ember of starlight, in my inner core.

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