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Thou Art Goddess: Tale of the Lost Daughter

A path appears at my feet, of glimmering, silver stones, like moonlight transformed into solid matter. The stones lead me forward, and I step as silently as I can so as not to disturb the sleeping beasts that I sense in the shadowed folds of this dream world. I’m not sure how long I travel for, only that I keep putting one foot in front of the other until my way is blocked by an impassable slab of black rock, with a polished, reflective surface. My wide eyes stare back at me from this obsidian-like mirror, with pupils dilated with undisguised desire.

I place my lips against the cool, smooth rock and whisper, “Show me my beauty.”

The reflection of my face dissolves and a woman appears, languidly stretching and rubbing her eyes, like a sleeping beauty awakening after a long enchantment. Golden light shines outward through her skin and spreads over the sable, rock surface, like the rays of a new dawn dispelling the shadowed grip of night. She wears a plain, white gown, its silky folds billowing in an invisible wind; her wrists are adorned with spiral, snake bracelets, and a thin band of silver, embellished with an obsidian teardrop, encircles her brow. A faint breeze passes through the stone wall, carrying hints of wild roses, rich, composting earth and sun-warmed, meadow grass.

She turns to me and smiles. “Sarah,” she murmurs and reaches out a hand as if to touch me.

With a start, I realize that her hair is golden, not Inanna’s raven black, and that I am gazing into my own sky-hued eyes, but I don’t recognize their depth of presence and power as a part of me.

“Sarah,” she says again, spreading her arms wide to reveal my fully-unfurled beauty, “Thou art Goddess.”

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