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From Tale of the Lost Daughter: Inanna & the Great Below

On this Winter Solstice eve, these Goddesses remind us that the brilliant light of a new dawn is born from the belly of the darkest night, and that rebirth is not possible without death. All of life, including each one of us, is beholden to these immutable laws. These things Inanna knows. Descent is not to be avoided but embraced because only through the ways of Ereshkigal and the Great Below can Inanna rise up in Her full powers as the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Inanna teaches us that only by our willingness to enter the mystery of our own darkest night, with whatever wounding and challenges it may hold, can we blossom into a fuller expression of our personal beauty. In our ritual tonight, we travel this ancient tale with Inanna as She turns away from Heaven and Earth toward the Underworld. And we turn our minds to the Great Below to find the seeds of our own wounding and beauty that call us to rebirth.

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