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Winter Reading That Can Transform Your Life: Tale of the Lost Daughter

Sometimes a single moment can change your life forever.

Sarah Ashby, a rising, young financial executive, experiences such a moment. In the midst of an emotional breakdown, she unleashes an overpowering hunger for some essential, lost part of herself and vows to follow wherever this hunger leads her. In this moment, Sarah’s life is set on a new course, propelling her on a spiritual adventure to a remote, rugged island on the Canadian West Coast in search of the Goddess and her own sacred feminine nature.

Sarah is the lost daughter in us all. Journey with her as she dives deep into the transformative powers of ritual, magic and Hecate, an ancient Goddess whose lost tales of She can return the life-giving ways of the sacred feminine to the waking world.

This Winter, let Sarah be your inspiration and guide, inviting you to discover the lost parts of your own sacred feminine nature, and to embrace those awakening moments that can change your life forever.

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What Readers Are Saying:

I suggest everyone reads this book! First time read this book like the beautiful story it is. Then read it a second time slowly to start transforming your life.  Kathleen McCutcheon

It changed my life- for real! I hadn’t had an actual “connection” to the Goddesses until I read it! Then the dreams started and it’s just moved me from one thing to another. It caused a hunger I couldn’t feed, but gave me a fullness I have never know. Amazing.  Jody Sutfin Delva

I’ve read Tale of the Lost Daughter two times, and will read it again. Sarah is me, or at least that’s how I felt as I followed her through her adventures. She is a businesswoman and a spiritual woman at the same time, and she learns to listen to her heart rather than just her head. I didn’t want to put the book down.  Sherry Farrell