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Goddess, Women and Life: From Tale of the Lost Daughter

“The world is in trouble, Sarah,” Will says, “Clearcutting and the destruction of wild habitat are only the tips of the iceberg. I’ve always lived close to the ocean, and paid attention to her patterns and well-being. The oceans are dying; we are poisoning them and destroying precious ecosystems and species that we depend upon for survival. I’ve known these things for a long time, but I couldn’t see how I could make a difference. I still don’t really know how, but the ritual made me hopeful that we humans have better, beautiful instincts. And these instincts are connected to the Goddess, to women and to life. I am part of this change. How I think, love and act matter. You matter, Sarah. You have big, inner power; it’s just been waiting for the opportunity to shine.”

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