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From Tale of the Lost Daughter: The Crucible of Life

“What I ask of you, Kayla, I ask of all my waking children: to become powerful enough, wise enough and big enough to accept all that you are and to push nothing away. You must become the crucible that holds the truth and the tension inherent in your life story — the horror and the joy, and the beauty and the wounding — and let what wants to be born in you, be born.

“But why does it have to be so hard, so painful?” I say, “Why does it have to hurt so badly for us to change?

“There is no easy answer to your question. Humanity is part of the great unfolding Universe and, like all of creation, your evolution is driven by the collision of opposites. Within your inner landscape, you hold the opposing energies of the good dream of the Garden and the bad dream of the Fall, and the light and shadow inherent in your nature. With collision comes awareness of polarities, with awareness comes conscious choice, and with conscious choice you can heal and transform your life and your world. What has been lost can be refound, all the more cherished than if it had never been lost at all.”

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